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Kerley, Walsh, Matera & Cinquemani, P.C.

Our Matrimonial and Family Law Department can help you navigate all aspects of your divorce and/or family law matters affecting you and your family. Whether it’s contested or uncontested, our goal is to negotiate a fair and reasonable divorce settlement and obtain a final Judgment of Divorce.   If needed, we can continue to support our clients through the post divorce process which can include the submission of Domestic Relations Orders to insure the distribution and payment of retirement assets which are often a major marital asset divided in a divorce.

Our firm provides legal representation in Family Court as well, for cases involving custody, child support, spousal maintenance, orders of protection,  enforcement and modification of Judgments of Divorce and Family Court Orders.

Please contact Kristen Spoerel directly, by phone or by email, to discuss any of these services that we provide.


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