Our Elder Law and Medicaid attorneys at Kerley, Walsh, Matera and Cinquemani are available to assist you through all stages of the Medicaid Planning and Application process. Our attorneys with many years of experience with Medicaid procedures and regulations are here to meet with you and your family to determine the best options for protecting your assets while preparing a plan to apply and secure Medicaid benefits. Medicaid benefits for long term care consist of either community based Home Care and institutional Nursing Home Care. The rules concerning eligibility for each level of care is vastly different. The Medicaid approval process is overwhelming to the average client and the experienced Elder Law and Medicaid attorneys are here to navigate the safe passage through the Medicaid planning and application process. Our attorneys will explain the Medicaid eligibility rules, the exceptions to the rules and the application process for individuals in need of community based Home Care benefits or institutional Nursing Home care. We will work with you to implement a plan to provide the greatest protection of your assets within the Medicaid eligibility criteria and guide you through the entire Medicaid application process.

Our Elder Law attorneys are available to establish asset protection trusts, assist in appropriate asset transfers, including the transfer of homes and other assets, establish pooled income trusts and prepare and submit Medicaid applications for both home care and nursing home care services. We will handle your Medicaid case through post application document requests, reconsiderations and fair hearings, if necessary, and the annual recertification of benefits.