Our firm has extensive experience dealing with medical malpractice defense litigation and personal injury matters in the tri-state area. For over 30 years, our attorneys have developed an expertise in defending physicians, other medical care providers, and hospitals. It is our belief that through our representation of both self-insured and insured clients, our attorneys have developed a flexible, responsive, personalized approach to the practice of law that benefits our clients in providing excellent service coupled with excellent results. 

It has become apparent to health care providers that the costs associated with medical malpractice claims are substantial. In some instances, this cost represents as much as 10% of a hospital’s budget. Sophisticated health care providers have come to recognize that in order to meet the problems associated with the medical malpractice situation, it is necessary to secure the services of a law firm not only well experienced in such matters, but one which also has the resources necessary to provide outstanding representation. Our attorneys and support staff work tirelessly to maintain the trust and confidence of our clients and carriers.

From the inception of our firm, we have undertaken the defense of a broad spectrum of general liability, personal injury and wrongful death matters. Our cases have included a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to premises liability, construction accidents, defective products and a host of other areas. While notable for its diversity, the common thread throughout these cases has been the ability of our attorneys to meet the needs of our clients by applying our expertise in the insurance defense field and our decades of trial experience. 

Our law firm has long maintained a commitment to vigorously protecting the interests of its clients. We place a high priority on ensuring a thorough evaluation and analysis of the legal and medical issues presented in each matter. This becomes an integral part of our preparation for trial in the New York State and Federal courts, as well as for mediation and/or arbitration proceedings.