Special Needs Planning

Everyone should have an estate plan and all families are unique in their own way. It is not uncommon that families have a spouse, child or other family member who is receiving or may receive government benefits such as Social Security, Disability or Medicaid. The need for governmental benefits may be because of an injury, illness or developmental disability. Our experienced Estate Planning attorneys at Kerley, Walsh, Matera and Cinquemani are available to guide you in your estate planning to ensure that your loved ones with special needs or disabilities have the proper protections in place to preserve or receive assets to supplement their needs while maintaining the government benefits to which they are or may be entitled.

Our Estate and Special Needs Planning attorneys will develop an estate plan to leave assets to a supplemental needs person in a protective way through your Last Will and Testament or a third party Supplemental Needs Trust.

Our Special Needs Attorneys are also available to assist in planning for a supplemental needs person in order to procure government benefits through the use of a First Party Supplemental Needs Trust. This type of planning is often done in conjunction with a Guardianship proceeding for an individual with special needs who has received assets prior to the implementation of planning in the form of inheritance or personal injury settlement.

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will provide you with the best options for protecting assets for your loved one with special needs while retaining governmental benefits or entitlements.