Rosemary Cinquemani and Lauren Bristol are appellate specialists who supervise our Appellate Department. Together, these attorneys with over fifty years of combined experience, manage a busy appellate practice . Each year our firm handles numerous appeals in all areas of litigation, in the various Appellate Division Departments of New York State, as well as the Court of Appeals

In a firm that has an active litigation calendar, we decided that an Appeals Department was a necessary element. During the process of litigation as well as at trial, our attorneys will consult with Rosemary and Lauren involving motions during trial, requests to charge, and issues that would have appellate impact. This permits our trial attorney to concentrate on the immediate trial issues with the support of our Appellate Department for those issues that may necessitate post trial and appellate review. Naturally, these two attorneys, aside from consults are actively involved in writing and arguing appellate causes following our verdicts.

Ms. Cinquemani and Ms. Bristol are available for appeals arising from cases being handled outside of our firm. We welcome inquiries on appellate issues as well as requests for appellate representation. Please contact either Rosemary Cinquemani or Lauren Bristol directly by phone or email.